Registering Boats

01 December 2015

Procedure For Registering Boats

The information on this page relates to aspects of boat measurement and rule compliance.

All requests for interpretations shall be made to the Technical Officer - ARYA via your State Technical Officer, or if there is no STO, via the State Secretary.

Boat Registration

You must be a financial member of a club affiliated with the ARYA to be allocated a boat registration number. All Australian registered numbers have the prefix AUS. It is a requirement under ISAF that all boats are issued, and carry the correct registration number.

ARYA maintains registers for IOM, M, 10R & A Classes on behalf of ISAF. Numbers for these classes are distributed on an as needed basis by the ARYA Registrar to Club Measurers only. Only recognised measurers may contact the Registrar for a hull number.

No boat shall be eligible for racing if the measurement forms and the registration fee has not been received and recorded by the Registrar.

Numbers are not distributed to individual owners.

Once a number has been allocated, the registration process must be completed within 6 months or the number will be returned to the pool. This is plenty of time to allow for building, measuring and registering the boat. The onus is on the individual owner to fully comply at all times.

Members should always be prepared to present their boat’s Registration Certificate, (IOM and M), plus rating calculation form, (A Class) and Sail Forms 1, 2 and Spar (10R) when attending Regional, State or National events.

The allocated Registration Number shall be marked in an easily visible location on a non-removable part of the hull by any of the following means: painting on, engraving in, bonding in, moulding in. This identification is often placed on the inside surface of the hull where it can be viewed through an existing access hatch. There is no letter size specified, but it must be legible.

In addition the Registration Number “shall be displayed on the external surface of the hull shell or deck clearly and legibly with a minimum height of 20mm”.

Generally, the last 2 digits of the registration number become the sail number. The rules for identification on sails are available in Appendix E of the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing. Check with your measurer if you are in doubt about size and placement of the numbers.

If your allocated number is AUS 345 then AUS 345 would be painted on, engraved in, bonded in or moulded in or on the hull. AUS 345 would also be displayed with a minimum height of 20mm on the external hull shell or deck.

The Sail Number would be 45.

The current ARYA Registrar’s details can been seen on the upper right hand column of this web page. Only recognised Club Measurers may contact him to obtain a registration number or enquire about other registration matters. Owners should inquire via their state or club measures.

Registration numbers for all classes are allocated in ascending order and once a number has been registered, it cannot be deleted or reused on another hull. If you have purchased a second hand boat you must transfer the registration of the boat into your name immediately. Owners of registered boats, upon selling their boat, shall supply the Registration Certificate to the purchaser and should advise them of the need to transfer the registration into their name.

The following registration fees apply for the 2015 year.

New registration $10.00

Re-measurement  $10.00

Transfer of registration $10.00

Copy of Measurement Certificate $ 5.00


Click here to register a newly built boat

Click here to transfer ownership of a second hand boat


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