Results - Victoria Results
15 December 2015

Victorian Marblehead Regional Championship 2015

Held at Edgewater Lake, 13th December 2015

Hosted by Albert Park Model Yacht Club

The day started with the skippers eager to get on the water with the conditions of a light nor’easter, unfortunately the breeze direction was varying too much and the first three races were abandoned, as all boat reached to the weather mark, finally the first race was completed at 10.30 am, in addition to the varying wind direction, there was another small issue with jellies, the first time in this location.vic15dec

By lunch, taken late, four races had been completed with Andrew Reid slightly ahead of David Thomas and Rob Nowak with Andrew Cook, Benson Or and Chris Ryan all on the same points.

Racing resumed in the afternoon with the breeze from the southeast and building, unfortunately for Andrew Reid, battery issued occurred with a DNF but was straight back with a second in the next race, points were very close at this time, between Andrew, Rob Nowak and David Thomas, Benson Or was sailing consistently well and Andrew Cook was having a number of issues with a borrowed boats rudder wanting to do its own thing.

The final three races saw David Thomas with three wins on end which set the final result in his favour, with Rob Nowak second on count back, Andrew Reid third, Benson Or fourth, Andrew Cook fifth and Chris Ryan in sixth, many thanks to Andrew and Chris for making up the numbers with borrowed boats, the racing was enjoyable with all incidents sorted out on the water.

A special thankyou to Rob Nowak for towing the rescue boat during 2015.