Results - South Australian Results
15 March 2015

SA IOM State Championships 2015

IMG 2307Day 1

A new venue brings new challenges. A swinging breeze delayed the start by about 15 minutes. The wind conditions varied from very light to about 7 knots with plenty of shifts to keep the skippers thinking.

Craig Smith (Vic) was dominant all day and has a comfortable lead. Some good results has seen Paul Littledyke (SA) finish the day in 2nd with Glenn Dawson (WA) in 3rd.

With things running smoothly we have completed 10 races with some fickle conditions forecast for Sunday to keep everyone on their toes.


Day 1 results

Day 2

Light breezes shifting wildly saw a delay to the start of Day 2 racing. Fortunately the wind settled a bit more during the afternoon allowing sailors plenty of time on the water. Movers and shakers today were Paul Littledyke closing the gap to Craig and Roger Paul moving nicely into 3rd. The remainder of team WA had a not so good afternoon with some stuck in B fleet for a fewq races.

Day 2 Results

Day 3

The final days racing got away on time with a B fleet race but then a wind change saw the course rotate a bit. By the end of the day there was movement in the placing list with Scott Mitchell edging out Paul and also closing in on Craig after having some great results thoughout the afternoon.

Top 3 were

Craig Smith (Vic)
Scott Mitchell (SA)
Paul Littledyke (SA)

Final Results