Results - Queensland Results
27 January 2016

BRYC Brisbane IOM Challenge

015As always, the BRYC thanks Riversands for our venue, the BRYC club members who assisted in site preparation and the running the event, Ian Ashe for performing the PRO duties, and the skippers for their patronage.

The Eagleby venue is improving and now boasts toilet facilities and a mown grassed area on the northern shore of the lake incorporating a smaller fenced area in an attempt to keep the resident cattle of it.

There is ample space for parking. Adequate shade was provided, and with predicted temperatures in the low to mid 30’s, it was an absolute necessity.

Conditions on day 1 were trying to say the least.

Flukey, light winds which swung from NW to NE through North over the day made course setting a nightmare for the PRO, Ian Ashe. As a consequence, only 8 races were completed at close of proceedings.

Day 2 was a vast improvement, with a South Easterly coming in early and holding up for the rest of the day, throwing in a few solid gusts towards the close. Not quite B rig, but close.

A total of 24 races were completed, with attrition resulting in the races after lunch being all-in affairs.

General good behaviour by skippers, a willingness to accept penalties, and no protests made for a good contest.

The fleet was a good mix of extensive experience right down to the novice, and I’d like to acknowledge Mike Barton (LCMM) and David Cox (BRYC) for not being put off by the “big boys”, and toughing it out.

As always, consistency is key to success, and it was clear from the outset that Lindsay was going to be the one to beat.

So, it’s congratulations to Lindsay, Garth, and Bill.

Ian Smith

Secretary BRYC