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07 November 2018

IRSA Announces Venue for Twin World Championships

IRSA LOGOIRSA has announced the bid for the 2020 Twin World Championships for International Ten Rater & International Marblehead classes has been awarded.

The bid for the 2020 Twin World Championships has been awarded to West Kirby, Great Britain.

The nominations from both West Kirby (GBR) & Castiglione del Lago (ITA) were very strong and had a variety of factors about them. As a result it has taken some time for IRSA to arrive at a decision.

The IRSA would like to thank the Castiglione del Lago team and the Italian national member for their time and effort with this bid.

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08 June 2018

Radio Sailing Race Officer Course

The ARYA Race Management Committee have been working on developing an Online Race Officer Course. We are really pleased to announce that we have launched the course today.

The Race Officer course is designed in 11 modules. The modules are arranged in the same order as the tasks the Race Officer would do at a regatta. Each module contains suggested reading material, the course material and a 10 question multiple choice quiz.

  • The modules cover every aspect of the Race Officer’s tasks, including regatta preparation, briefing, course setting, conducting the start of a race, tasks at the conclusion of the race, managing protests and working with the Heat Management System. The modules take between 20 and 30 minutes to complete
  • There are two opportunities to complete each of the quizzes, and explanations are provided once the quiz is submitted, including references to rules or documents.
  • There is a discussion section which allows participants to ask questions and share ideas.
  • At the conclusion of the course, a certificate is awarded to those who have completed the modules.

The Radio Sailing Race Officer Course can be found on the Eliademy website with the following link:

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18 March 2018

Constitution & By-Laws


Incorporated in South Australia under the provisions of the Associations Incorporations Act 1985. Registered Number 6080

March 2018



1.1 The name of the Incorporated Association is Australian Radio Yachting Association Incorporated, referred to herein as ‘the ARYA’.

1.2 The name may be abbreviated to ARYA.


2.1 To administer, promote and support the sport of radio-controlled yacht racing in Australia and when represented in internationally recognised events.

2.2 To achieve these objectives, the ARYA shall:

(i) promote Nationally Recognised Classes (NRC) of yachts for racing;

(ii) maintain and publish registers and ranking tables for all NRCs racing in Australia;

(iii) obtain and maintain membership of the International Sailing Federation – International Radio Sailing Association (ISAF-IRSA) or such other international bodies as the ARYA shall from time to time determine appropriate and act as the National Authority on behalf of that body;

(iv) develop and publish rules, procedures and regulations governing the fair and efficient management and conduct of competitive radio sailing in Australia, except that where such rules are issued by the International Sailing Federation and/or International Radio Sailing Association, an internationally recognised class association, or other international body of which the ARYA is a member, in which case the ARYA shall adopt and abide by such rules and regulations. ARYA shall develop and publish procedures and guidelines for the efficient management and conduct of competitive radio sailing conducted by ARYA, State Associations, appointed delegates, affiliated clubs and owners associations. Such procedures and guidelines may be approved by a vote of the ARYA Committee or may be brought forward for determination at an ARYA General Meeting;

(v) organise, settle conditions, fix dates and venues for sailing national regattas for NRCs annually;

(vi) organise and promote international and world championship regattas as may from time to time be approved to be held in Australia;

(vii) assist and enter members to represent Australia at international regattas overseas;

(viii) consider, as a final point of appeal, all appeals lodged under the rules of sailing or class rules against the decisions of race and protest committees. Such appeals shall be heard by the ARYA Rules Committee, which shall be convened from affiliated members of the ARYA;

(ix) publicise and act as a source of information on the sport of radio yachting.


ARYA shall undertake programs, encourage and support State Associations and National Owners Associations of NRCs to:

(i) promote and publicise the sport of radio sailing and participation therein;

(ii) advise and inform radio sailors on aspects of and developments in the sport;

(iii) encourage sportsmanship, fair play and camaraderie in the sport;

(iv) develop and deliver, where possible and practical, educational/training programs for race officials and radio sailors;

(v) produce a regular electronic or hard copy magazine and/or newsletter covering race and class reports, upcoming events and matters of general interest.


ARYA shall have all the powers conferred by Section 25 of the Associations Incorporation Act 1985 of South Australia and by this Constitution.
The ARYA has the powers necessary to pass By Laws for the better administration of the sport of radio yacht racing in Australia.


In this Constitution:

The word ‘shall’ is taken to mean mandatory and the word ‘may’ is taken to mean discretionary;

Act means the Associations Incorporation Act 1985 of South Australia;

Club means a radio sailing club that is affiliated with or is a member of a State Association;
A financial member of a Club is a member who has paid all required fees and subscriptions to be a member of that Club for that financial year;
The Committee is the management committee of the ARYA and comprises the eight Executive Officers defined in Clause 7 of this Constitution;

The Commission is the Corporate Affairs Commission of South Australia;

A National Owners Association (NOA) is an association of members who own a particular Nationally Recognised Class of radio yacht and which has been recognised by ARYA in accord with its By Laws.


6.1 The members of the ARYA shall be state radio sailing associations (State Associations) incorporated with similar objects to ARYA and representing each of the states and territories and such regions as the ARYA may from time to time approve.

6.2 State Associations shall be established as set out in Clause 22 of this Constitution.
6.3 Where only one Club exists in any state or region, that Club may be authorised by the ARYA to act as a State Association for that state or region subject to such conditions, if any, imposed by the ARYA.

6.4 Affiliated Members of the ARYA are financial members of Clubs that are registered with a State Association that is recognised by the ARYA.
6.5 Temporary Affiliate Members of the ARYA are members who:

(i) are non-residents of Australia, and

(ii) are a financial member of an International Radio Sailing Association approved Delegated National Member, or National Class Association, of their country of membership, and
(iii) are entered for an ARYA approved event, and

(iv) is effective for the duration of the entered event only.


7.1 The Executive Officers of the ARYA, collectively called ‘the Committee’, who shall all hold honorary appointment are:

(i) President;

(ii) Vice President;

(iii) Secretary;

(iv) Treasurer;

(v) Technical Officer;

(vi) Registrar;

(vii) Publicity Officer;

(viii) Public Officer.

7.2 Executive Officers, who must be financial Affiliated Members of the ARYA, shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall hold office for the ensuing year. Executive Officers are eligible for re-election.

7.3 The duties of Executive Officers are:

(i) The President is a member of the Committee and shall preside at all meetings of the Committee and the ARYA at which he or she is present.
(ii) The Vice President is a member of the Committee and shall deputise for the President in the President’s absence.
(iii) The Secretary is a member of the Committee and shall call all meetings, issue the required notices, keep a register of attendance and record the minutes of meetings of the Committee and the ARYA. He/she shall deal with all correspondence and keep all books and records applicable to his/her office. He/she shall assist the Treasurer in the preparation of the balance sheet for the audit and the budget. He/she shall keep the President, Officers and State Association secretaries informed on all matters of the ARYA.
(iv) The Treasurer is a member of the Committee and shall receive all monies that are the property of the ARYA and shall deposit the same in accordance with Clause 21.2. He/she shall be responsible for all payments. Payments in excess of $50.00, whether by cheque, electronic transfer or any other practice approved by the Committee shall be countersigned or authorised by either the Secretary or the President. Payments in excess of $1000.00 shall be approved by the Committee, prior to payment. He/she shall keep the accounts and prepare them for audit and production at the Annual General Meeting. He/she shall keep an inventory of and safeguard all securities of the ARYA.
(v) The Technical Officer is a member of the Committee and shall be responsible for advice to the ARYA, State Associations and NOAs on technical matters relating to radio yachting including measurement and rating of NRCs. He/she shall liaise with the appropriate ISAF-IRSA committees and state officers and act as a coordinator between them and the ARYA.

(vi) The Registrar is a member of the Committee and shall maintain registers for all international and national classes of yachts recognised by the ARYA, record details of, and issue rating certificates for, all international and nationally recognised classes of yachts and produce statistics as required. Such registers as are required to be kept by the Registrar may be delegated to a nationally recognised owners association. The Registrar shall maintain a register of approved measurers. The Registrar shall maintain a Register of all current Personal Numbers issued to Affiliated Members.
(vii) The Publicity Officer is a member of the Committee and shall advise the ARYA on matters relating to publicity and public relations. He/she shall produce the ARYA newsletter at such intervals as the ARYA approves. He/she shall use his/her best endeavours to promote and publicise the objectives of the sport and the ARYA in all areas.
(viii) The Public Officer is a member of the Committee and shall be a permanent adult resident of South Australia. His/her contact details shall be maintained with the Commission at all times and the Public Officer shall act as the primary contact with the Commission on all matters relating to this Constitution.
7.4 The Non-executive Officers of the ARYA shall be the Webmaster, the Archivist and the National Class Coordinators.


8.1 Subscription rates to the ARYA from State Associations and NOAs shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting each year. The fee shall be a sum to be paid by all Affiliated Members of Clubs as part of the Club subscription to the State Association or NOA.

8.2 Subscriptions shall be due on 1 July each year and payable not later than 31 July of the same year.

8.3 The subscriptions of State Associations or NOAs affiliated after 1 April in any year will cover the period up to 30 June in the following year and must be paid to the Treasurer no later than 31 July in the year of affiliation.

8.4 The Committee shall have the power to withhold all rights and privileges of membership from State Associations and NOAs whose subscriptions are not paid by the latter date.


9.1 The ARYA shall maintain Registers for each NRC of yacht unless otherwise delegated to a recognised NOA.

9.2 The ARYA may charge a registration fee for each entry in a register whether the entry is a first registration of a yacht, an alteration to a current registration or a re-registration.

9.3 Fees for the registration of all classes of yachts shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting.


10.1 The affairs of the ARYA shall be managed and controlled by a management committee (the Committee) which, in addition to any powers conferred by this Constitution, may exercise all such powers and do all such things as are within the Objects and Purposes of the ARYA, and are not by the Act or by this Constitution required to be done by the ARYA at a general meeting.

10.2 The Committee shall have the power to appoint such officers and employees as are required to carry out the objectives of the ARYA and may delegate any of its powers to such officers and employees.

10.3 The Committee shall comprise the eight elected officers of the ARYA as defined in Clause 7 of this Constitution.

10.4 The Committee may appoint a natural person to fill a casual vacancy and such a committee member shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting of the ARYA and shall be eligible for re-appointment. The Committee may also create any new office considered necessary for the ARYA to carry out its duties and function.

10.5 A candidate for election as an Officer of the ARYA must be nominated by a State Association.

10.6 Notice of all persons seeking election to the Committee shall be given to all members of the Committee, State Associations and NOAs with the notice calling the meeting at which the election is to take place.


The office of a committee member shall become vacant if a committee member:

(i) dies;

(ii) is disqualified by the Act;

(iii) is expelled under this Constitution;

(iv) is permanently incapacitated by ill health;

(v) is absent without an apology from more than three consecutive committee meetings, or more than three committee meetings in a financial year.


12.1 The Committee shall meet regularly for the dispatch of business and in any case not less than once every three months. Where it is not practical for the Committee to meet as a group for reasons of distance, such meetings may be conducted by email, post or by conference telephone or any other electronic means, or by a combination of such facilities.

12.2 Each member of the Committee shall be entitled to one vote.

12.3 Questions arising at any meeting shall be decided by a majority of votes and, in the event of an equality of votes, the Chairperson shall have a casting vote in addition to a deliberative vote.

12.4 A quorum for a meeting of the Committee shall be three members, of whom one must be the President, the Vice President or the Secretary.

12.5 A member of the Committee having a pecuniary interest in a contract with the ARYA must disclose that interest to the Committee as required by the Act and shall not vote with respect to that contract.


The financial year of the ARYA shall be a 12-month period ending on 30 November each year.


14.1 Subject to approval by a special resolution at a Special General Meeting or Annual General Meeting of the members of the ARYA as set out in Clause 6, this Constitution may be altered (including an alteration to name), or be rescinded and replaced by a substitute Constitution. Such an alteration shall be registered with the Commission as required by the Act.

14.2 The registered Constitution shall bind the ARYA, State Associations, NOAs and Affiliated Members to the same extent as if they had respectively signed and sealed it and agreed to be bound by all the provisions thereof.

14.3 The Constitution may have separate By Laws for the purpose of supporting and describing the manner in which the ARYA achieves its objects. The By Laws may be amended by resolution at any general meeting.


15.1 The ARYA shall have a common seal upon which its corporate name shall appear in legible characters.

15.2 The Seal shall not be used without the express authorisation of the Committee and every use of the Seal shall be recorded in the minute book of the ARYA. The affixing of the seal shall be witnessed by an officer of the ARYA.

15.3 The Seal shall be kept in the custody of the Secretary or such other person as the Committee may from time to time determine.


16.1 A majority of the Committee or the President may call a Special General Meeting of the ARYA at any time and shall call an Annual General Meeting in accordance with the Act. Where it is not practical for a Special General Meeting to be convened as a group for reasons of distance, such meetings may be conducted by email, post or by conference telephone or any other electronic means, or by a combination of such facilities.

16.2 The Annual General Meeting shall be held at the time and venue of a National Championship each year and within five months of the end of the financial year.

16.3 A Special General Meeting shall be convened within 28 days by the Committee upon receipt of a request signed by the secretaries of three affiliated State Associations. Such a request is to be accompanied by a fully detailed resolution passed by each State Association in general meeting and countersigned by the officiating chairperson.

16.4 Notice of all general meetings shall be given at least 28 days prior to the date of the meeting. The notice shall contain details of the agenda together with any special notices, notices of motion and/or changes in the Constitution that are to be proposed at the said meeting.

16.5 The agenda for the Annual General Meeting shall include:

(i) confirmation of the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting;

(ii) confirmation of action taken by the Committee;

(iii) Officers’ reports;

(iv) State Association reports;

(v) National Regatta Committee reports;

(vi) Treasurer’s financial statement and balance sheet;

(vii) election of Officers and appointment of Auditor;

(viii) motions submitted by the Committee;

(ix) motions submitted by State Associations and Clubs appointed to act as such;

(x) annual budget and subscriptions for the forthcoming year;

(xi) yacht registration fees for the forthcoming year;

(xii) next National Championship Regatta, place(s) and dates; and

(xiii) discussion items.


17.1 The quorum required for a general meeting of the ARYA shall be three of the Executive Officers and a delegate from each of four states, either in person or represented by proxy.

17.2 General meetings shall be chaired by the President or the Vice President or, in their absence, by a Committee member appointed by the delegates present. Where it is not practical for a general meeting to be convened as a group for reasons of distance, such meetings may be conducted by email, post or by conference telephone or any other electronic means, or by a combination of such facilities.

17.3 At any general meeting a resolution put to a vote shall be decided by a simple majority on a show of hands and a declaration by the Chairperson of the meeting that a resolution has been carried or lost shall, unless a poll is demanded, be conclusive evidence of the fact.

17.4 If a poll is demanded by the Chairperson of the meeting or by three or more delegates, present in person or by proxy, it shall be taken in such manner as the Chairperson directs.

17.5 Notices of Motion that are received by the ARYA will be voted on at the next general meeting of the ARYA that occurs more than 28 days after the Notice of Motion was received by the ARYA, where ever possible. Notices of motion may be modified by way of an amendment and then voted on at the meeting.

17.6 The votes of State Association delegates and/or proxies held shall be exercised in the determination of motions or amendments to motions. State

Associations shall ensure that their delegates are appropriately briefed and authorised prior to any meeting for which they have a delegation.
17.7 A special resolution at a Special General Meeting or Annual General Meeting put to a vote shall be passed by a majority of not less than three-quarters of the members of the ARYA as, being entitled to do so, vote in person or by proxy at that meeting.


18.1 At any general meeting of the ARYA each of the Executive Officers shall be entitled to one vote for each resolution and each State Association or Club appointed to act as such in accordance with Clause 17.6 shall be entitled to cast two votes.

18.2 Each State Association and Club appointed to act as such may appoint two delegates to any general meeting of the ARYA, each of whom may cast one vote on any matter.

18.3 Only delegates appointed by State Associations and Clubs appointed to act as such shall be entitled to vote.

18.4 In the event of a tied vote the Chairperson of the meeting may exercise a casting vote.

18.5 General meetings are open to all Affiliated Members and NOAs.


19.1 Voting by proxy shall be recognised.

19.2 The appointment of a proxy shall be for a specific meeting only.

19.3 The bearer of a proxy shall be a delegate from a State Association or an ARYA Officer and shall also be entitled to exercise his or her own vote if otherwise entitled to do so, in addition to the proxy.

19.4 Written notification of an appointment of a proxy must be in the hands of the Secretary or Chairman before the commencement of a meeting at which it is to be exercised.

19.5 The notification shall state clearly the specific purpose or items of the agenda covered by the proxy and the limitations, if any, placed on the exercise of the proxy.


20.1 Proper minutes of all proceedings at meetings shall be kept and within one month of the meeting entered into a register maintained for that purpose.

20.2 The minutes shall be signed as a true and correct record of the meeting by the Chairperson of the meeting at which the proceedings took place or by the Chairperson of the next succeeding meeting.

20.3 Where minutes are entered and signed they shall, until the contrary is proved, be evidence that the meeting was convened and duly held, that all proceedings held at the meeting shall be deemed to have been duly held and that all appointments made at a meeting shall be deemed to be valid.

20.4 Copies of the minutes shall be forwarded to State Associations and published within two months of the date of the meeting.


21.1 The ARYA shall keep such accounting records as are necessary to correctly record and explain the financial position of the ARYA.

21.2 All monies raised under the authority of the ARYA, either for its general activities or for such specific purposes as the ARYA may authorise, shall be deemed to be the property of the ARYA and shall be transferred to and kept in a bank, savings bank, building society or friendly society approved at an Annual General Meeting.

21.3 All withdrawals shall be signed by the Treasurer and authorised by the Secretary in accordance with Clause 7.3 (iv), or failing one of these, by the President in his/her stead.

21.4 The accounts of the ARYA shall be audited annually, or at any time the Committee or a general meeting of the ARYA may direct.


22.1 State Associations shall be established in each state or territory and such other regions as the ARYA may determine within which an affiliated Club is active. Where only one registered Club is active in a state, territory or approved region that Club shall assume the duties and responsibilities of a State Association. All registered Clubs within a state, territory or region shall be entitled to representation on the State Association.

22.2 A Club situated near a state, territory or regional border may elect to affiliate with the State Association of the adjacent state, territory or region.

22.3 Where an organisation exists or is formed within a state, territory or approved region and two-thirds of the Clubs in that state, territory or region agree that it provides an appropriate structure for the purpose, the ARYA may authorise that organisation to assume the duties and responsibilities of a State Association.


23.1 Any club, society, association or other body whose activities are intended to provide facilities for radio yachting may affiliate to the ARYA through a State Association. Such a body shall be a registered Club of the ARYA.

23.2 A registered Club shall be responsible for the payment of affiliation fees to the ARYA through its State Association on behalf of its members providing that where the registered Club is not solely dedicated to radio yachting, affiliation fees shall only be due to the ARYA for those club members who are involved in radio yachting.

23.3 Only one affiliation fee shall be paid on account of a person who is a member of more than one Club.

23.4 Unless otherwise stated in this Constitution or the By Laws, State Associations shall be responsible for the carrying out, for radio yachting classes that have not achieved national status, all the roles and tasks described in this ARYA Constitution and the By Laws regarding Nationally Recognised Classes and Owners Associations.


24.1 Where the Committee of the ARYA exercises any power of adjudication that it may have under this Constitution in relation to a dispute between its members, Clubs and/or Affiliate Members, or a dispute between itself and members, Clubs or Affiliate Members of the ARYA, the rules of natural justice must be observed.
24.2 Both parties to any dispute referred to in Subclause 24.1 shall have the right to be represented by a member of their State Association or Club at any meeting at which the dispute is considered.
24.3 If the Committee considers that a member, Club or Affiliate Member should be expelled or suspended for a period of time from membership of or affiliation with the ARYA because of its or his/her conduct detrimental to the interests of the ARYA, the Committee shall communicate in writing, to the member, Club or Affiliate Member:

(a) notice of the proposed expulsion or suspension for a period of time and of the time, date and place of the Committee meeting at which the question of that expulsion will be decided; and

(b) particulars of that conduct; not less than 30 days before the date of the Committee meeting referred to in paragraph (a).

24.4 At the Committee meeting referred to in a notice communicated under Subclause 24.3, the Committee, having afforded the member, Club or Affiliate Member concerned a reasonable opportunity to be heard by or to make representations in writing to the Committee, may expel, suspend or decline to

expel or suspend that member, Club or Affiliate Member from membership of or affiliation with the ARYA and shall, forthwith after deciding whether or not to expel or suspend that member, Club or Affiliate Member, communicate that decision in writing to that member, Club or Affiliate Member.
24.5 Subject to Subclause 24.7, a member, Club or Affiliate Member who is expelled under Subclause 24.4 from membership of or affiliation with the ARYA ceases to be a member or Affiliate Member 14 days after the day on which the decision to expel him/her or them is communicated to it or him/her under Subclause 24.4.
24.6 A member, Club or Affiliate Member who is expelled or suspended under Subclause 24.4 from membership of or affiliation with the ARYA shall if it or he/she wishes to appeal against that expulsion or suspension, give notice to the Secretary of its or his/her intention to do so within the period of 14 days referred to in Subclause 24.5.
24.7 When notice is given under Subclause 25.6:

(a) the ARYA in a general meeting, after having afforded the member, Club or Affiliate Member who gave that notice a reasonable opportunity to be heard by or to make representations in writing to the ARYA in the general meeting, may confirm or set aside the decision of the Committee to expel or suspend that member, Club or Affiliate Member; and

(b) the member, Club or Affiliate Member who gave that notice does not cease to be a member or Affiliate Member unless and until the decision of the Committee to expel him or her is confirmed under this subclause.

24.8 Should a State Association or NOA suspend or expel an Affiliate Member then, following expiry of their specified appeal period the State Association or NOA may submit the case documentation to the ARYA Committee who, having satisfied themselves that the State Association or NOA has acted in accordance with its constitution, regulations and/or by laws shall confirm that the suspension or expulsion shall apply to all memberships within ARYA.
24.9 In the event of a dispute between an affiliated Club and its State Association, the Club may refer the matter to the Secretary of the ARYA for determination by the Committee using a dispute resolution process that complies with Subclause 24.1.


The ARYA may be voluntarily wound up by the following procedure:

25.1 A proposal for winding up of the ARYA shall be properly submitted to a general meeting of the ARYA and shall require the unanimous approval of the meeting.

25.2 If the proposal is approved in accordance with Subclause 26.1, the proposal will be subject to an email or postal vote of all affiliated Clubs and shall require a majority of three-fourths of those clubs in favour of the proposal for winding up. The Association may be wound up in accordance with the Act.


26.1 If, when the ARYA is wound up, some other national body exists which, in the opinion of the ARYA, has aims and objectives that would enable it to provide appropriate service to the ARYA’s members, the ARYA may donate to it, trophies and other property and net funds after the payment of all outstanding debts subject to such conditions as the ARYA may determine.

26.2 Where no alternative successor is found, the ARYA shall proceed in the following manner: where possible, all donated trophies will be returned to the donor or, if this is not possible, to the Club of which the donor was a member:

i) all other trophies will be presented to the person or body that has won the trophy the greatest number of times or, where a tie exists, to a body or person decided by lot;

ii) net funds after the payment of all outstanding debts shall be donated to a charitable institution or institutions determined by the ARYA at the time.


As per the resolutions passed at the Special General Meeting held at February 16th 2018.


March 2018


The ARYA may choose to recognise the following classes of radio yacht:

1.1 Nationally Recognised Class – to be eligible and remain eligible as a Nationally Recognised Class the class of yacht must:

i) hold state championships in three states in one year;
ii) have class rules and constitution approved by the ARYA;
iii) be put forward for national recognition by a State Association or an internationally recognised class association;
iv) be approved for recognition at a national level by a general meeting of the ARYA;
v) have previously been recognised as a State Recognised Class.

1.2 State Recognised Class – to be eligible and remain eligible for recognition as a State Recognised Class the class of yacht must:

i) be sailed in at least three Clubs within that state;
ii) have a State Association-approved set of rules, or standards for the class;
iii) have a State Association-approved constitution by which the class is administered;
iv) sail a class championship, in which at least six boats compete;
v) have previously been recognised as a Sanctioned Class.

1.3 Sanctioned Class – to be recognised as a Sanctioned Class:

i) six or more yachts must be raced regularly, in an organised manner by an affiliated Club;
ii) the class must have a declared agent or association. This agent shall have the roles or responsibilities of the State Class Coordinators;

iii) the parameters of the class, whether set by rules, plans, specifications, rating formulae, manufacturer’s policy and/or a combination of these shall be adopted and not amended from the parameters set by the originators and/or the owner of the parameters. Revisions introduced by class parameter owners/originators are to be adopted as soon as is practicable after their promulgation;
iv) in developing or introducing a new class seeking to be recognised as a Sanctioned Class, the design and class rules shall not in any way copy, imitate or plagiarise an existing class in any jurisdiction, nor adopt a similar or misleading class name from an existing class;
v) these provisions apply to all classes currently sailed in Australia and to any future classes adopted for sailing in Australia.


2.1 The organisation of the Australian National Championships (herein after referred to as the Nationals) shall be delegated to a State Association at the preceding Annual General Meeting of the ARYA.

2.2 Any State Association that organises a National Championship shall submit a Statement of Income and Expenditure to the ARYA within two months of the completion of that championship.

2.3 Organisation of the Nationals shall be delegated to each state in the order, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland, Victoria.

2.4 If a State Association is unable or unwilling to accept the organisation of the Nationals in its due turn, then the next state in turn will be nominated for the task and the rota will continue as in Subclause 2.3.

2.5 By agreement of four states, a State Association may defer or advance its position in the rota listed in Subclause 2.3.

2.6 National Championships may be held for all Nationally Recognised Classes.

2.7 The State Association responsible for the organisation of the Nationals may delegate all or part of it to any Club or group of Clubs affiliated with it.

2.8 Should the delegated state be unable/unwilling to conduct a particular Class National Championship, then the ARYA may select/offer the management of this/these respective Class Championships to another State Association under a secondary rotation.

2.9 Any secondary rotation offered under Subclause 2.8 will be done so on a rotational basis of interested State Associations. The starting point of any secondary rotation will be determined by the Committee.

2.10 A State Association can only be the starting point for one secondary rotation.

2.11 Once a starting point for any secondary rotation has been determined for any class, it will be offered to State Associations in the same rotational order as in Subclause 2.3.
2.12 The responsible State Association or delegated Club/s may charge such entry fees as may be deemed appropriate and necessary, from the proceeds of which they shall provide appropriate prizes. The ARYA is responsible for reasonable transportation costs associated with the transportation, replacement, upkeep and engraving of the perpetual trophies for classes competing at a National Championship.

2.13 If there are less than six entries for a class at the National Championships after the closing date for entries has passed, then the National Championship for that class lapses for that year.

2.14 A National Championship for any class may be programmed for two days only with the permission of the ARYA. Permission will be granted if 20 entries or more are not expected or have not been received for a class by the close of nomination date set out in the Notice of Race, and the championship will be sailed as one fleet only.

2.15 When a class no longer complies with By Law 1.1 it will be removed from the ARYA National Championships.


3.1 National Championships may be conducted for Nationally Recognised Classes (see Clause 2.6 of the ARYA Constitution) and the winners can be recognised as ‘Australian National Champions’. The events can be referred to as ‘ARYA Australian National Championships’.

3.2 Other classes that do not meet the requirements of Nationally Recognised Classes (see By Law 1.1) shall have the following conditions/restrictions:

i) a class that does not meet the requirements of By Law 1.1 must not hold its Class or Association Championship at the same time as any ARYA Australian National Championships;
ii) there will be only one such regatta each year for these classes and there will be no statement or implication that the winner is the ‘Australian National Champion’, nor shall there be any reference to the regatta being an ‘Australian National Championship’ regatta or event;
iii) the regatta shall be open to all registered yachts of that class no matter what their owner’s home state, registration regime or class recognition status;
iv) where the class is sailed in more than one state a regatta may be rotated between those states from year to year.

3.3 Upon the requirements set out in By Law 1.1 being met by a class that was not previously a Nationally Recognised Class, a State Association may apply to the ARYA for approval to conduct an ARYA-sanctioned ‘Australian National Championship’.


4.1 Life Fellow of the ARYA may be awarded to individuals who have provided long- standing service to the ARYA.

4.2 To qualify for Life Fellow, an individual should have provided service to ARYA at a national level, not just in the state where he/she resides.

4.3 The candidate shall be nominated by a State Association to the Committee.

4.4 The Committee shall assess the submission to ensure that the candidate has met the criteria of:

i) lengthy service;
ii) outstanding service;
iii) services benefiting ARYA members nationally.

4.5 The Committee shall vote on the submission. A majority vote in favour of the candidate is required for the Committee to recommend the candidate for Life Fellow to the ARYA.

4.6 If the Committee makes this recommendation, the State Associations shall then vote at the next Annual General Meeting of ARYA or if possible via a postal or electronic vote prior to the AGM. A majority vote is required to award Life Fellow to the candidate.

4.7 Candidates who have been awarded Life Fellow status will not be required to pay any ARYA membership subscription, fee or levy from the time of that award onwards. ARYA will pay any insurance component of the subscription on behalf of all Life Fellows. Life Fellows will be considered as Affiliated Members of the ARYA.

4.8 ARYA will establish a Roll of Honour on which the names of all deceased Life Fellows shall be recorded. Upon the death of a Life Fellow their name will be removed from the Life Fellow register and placed on the Roll of Honour.


5.1 Each Nationally Recognised Class may have a National Class Coordinator (NCC) in the absence of a recognised NOA.

5.2 An NCC shall have access to the ARYA class register but will not be a member of the Committee or have voting rights.
5.3 The NCC shall be responsible to and under the direction of the Committee for:

i) furthering the aims of the ARYA by promoting the design, construction and racing of the class;
ii) acting as a liaison between ARYA and class owners and representing the owners in all relevant matters;
iii) producing material of interest to class owners (regatta reports, articles etc.) for the ARYA publication.

5.4 The NCC shall be elected annually at the ARYA AGM or at any time by mail or electronic vote that the ARYA allows.


6.1 A National Owners Association (NOA) may be recognised by the ARYA where such body represents one class of radio sailing yacht and the rules and constitution of the class and its association respectively are approved by the ARYA. In addition the

National Owners Association must hold state championships in three states in each year. Such championships shall be organised through the relevant State Association.

6.2 Prior to the ARYA delegating administrative powers for any existing Nationally Recognised Class, for which the ARYA holds the register, to a National Owners Association:

i) the ARYA shall approve of both the constitution and class rules that said National Owners Association intend to use to govern the class;
ii) the ARYA shall confirm, by secret postal ballot, that more than 60 per cent of the ARYA-registered owners of that class of radio sailing yacht are in favour of the recognition and government of the said National Owners Association.


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10RAndrew Reid

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VIC RC Laser State Championship - 6/7th April

Portland Yacht Club

2019 Australian National Championship - 4/16th February

Oxenford, Queensland

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Yachtsmen Gather for Gold Coast Australian Championships

imagesnats_3The 2019 Australian Championships for Radio Controlled yachts are being held 4th – 16th February at Regatta Lake, Oxenford.  One hundred and eighteen sailors are currently entered in 4 classes of yacht. 

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RC Laser Australian Championship Returns to Dobroyd

For 2019, the RC Laser National Championships return to the Dobroyd Aquatic Club,  the host club and venue of the inaugural RC Laser National Championships held a decade earlier in 2009, shortly after the club house was rebuilt.

imagesRC-Laser-sailing-Dobroyd-Aquatic-ClubThe Championships will be held over the four days 25-28 April 2019 at Dobroyd Aquatic Club, Rodd Park, Henley Marine Drive, Rodd Point, New South Wales.

Race Documents are available for download:


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Radio Sailing Race Officer Course


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Overseas Results

2018 New Zealand IOM Championship

Six Aussie’s made the trip across ‘the ditch’ to Wattle Farm, Auckland, New Zealand for the 2018 NZL IOM Championship and based on previous advice the intrepid Aussie’s were expecting an awesome venue with quality breezes and great sailing. Come to Wattle Farm they said, it will be great they said! All encouraging news given in the past we sailed on a duck pond, a weed infested lake with no breeze and a piddly lake in chilly and wet Christchurch – surely they had to get it right this time!

In the days before the event the dreaded email came through advising that the host club was being challenged by a weed infestation but every effort was being made with tons of the stuff being hauled from the main lake on a daily basis and by the time we had a practice sail on the Thursday it would have appeared that their efforts were paying off however, by Friday the battle had been lost and the decision was to sail on the secondary lake (how lucky to have two of them).

1The forecast weather conditions were favorable, temperatures around 20C, sunshine and light winds for the duration, at least the shorts and t-shirts got a chance to get out instead of the wet weather gear.

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Aussies at the Ten Rater & Marblehead World’s


Aussies at the Ten Rater & Marblehead World’s

Germany was the host country for the 2018 Ten Rater & Marblehead World Championships held at Biblis from 24 May to 01 June.

Australia was represented by Kirwan Robb (VIC), Andrew Reid (VIC), David Turton (QLD) & David “Yoda” Thomas (VIC) in both classes with 53 competitors in the Ten Rater Class and 76 in the Marblehead.

Winds were predominantly light over the two championships which probably didn’t suit our team entirely but they still managed to pull of some great results.

In the Ten’s Andy kicked off the championship with some great top ten places and certainly had the potential for a top ten finish although struggled in the latter part of the championship finishing 14th overall. Kirwan also had a good start with a 6th & 4th in the first three races but ended up with a mixed bag finally finishing a creditable 10th overall. Our remaining Aussies, Turts & Yoda finished 23rd & 42nd respectively.

The M’s followed immediately after the Tens and it was Kirwan that opened his score card with a 2nd in the seeding race and with regular top ten finishes, ended up an astounding 4th overall with Andy 17th, Turts 37th and Yoda 52nd.

Overall our team should be proud of their performance, the time and effort to participate on the international stage is significant and on behalf of the ARYA I congratulate them all on their results and effort in representing Australia at the events.

Sean Wallis
President ARYA

Full results & info link

2018 European IOM Championship


Results & Website - here


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